How to Beat Roulette – Is it Possible?

When I was young I always used to think it would be easy to beat roulette – I mean just look for a pattern and bet accordingly. The bias in the wheel, croupier or whatever would become apparent and then I would pounce. Unfortunately it never quite works like that which is why most Casinos happily supply you with little card where you can jot down all past results. They know that statistically all the spins in the past are meaningless – the odds are simply not affected by what has happened previously.

Think about it logically – red has appeared in the last 8 spins – surely now a black number is due ? Well no – this is called the gamblers fallacy and it mistakenly assumes that past events have any effect on future probability. The 9th spin has a exactly the same chance of landing on a red as a black – many peoples lives have been ruined by failing to appreciate this simple mathematical concept.

You are of course gambling and luck simply has to play it’s part in your success. The house doesn’t need luck – it takes a risk on every single spin or turn of the card – it loses a lot but it also wins much more. The house takes part in so many events that it’s fate is purely in the hands of the laws of probability – these suggest that the house will win – and guess what they always do.

But you can make decisions that can aid lady luck – if you have a choice always look for a European wheel – it has one less ‘0’ on the wheel and as such gives you a much better chance to beat the roulette wheel. The statistical advantage over an American wheel which has two ‘0’s is huge and should never be overlooked.